The Seller’s Tool

Tell us your requirements & We’ll find a buyer in record time.


How it Works

Step 1

Submit your Property Requirements

Step 2

One of our Specialist Consultants will be in contact with you

Step 3

We will assign your requirements to a maximum of 5 registered platform agents that might have the buyer you are looking for

Step 4

Sign the deal

What is the Propsource Seller’s Tool?

With Propsource assisting 100’s of Buyers and Tenants with finding their Perfect Property fit monthly, it only makes sense to offer Property owners the opportunity to list the Property they wish to sell with our Nationwide Network, and we will assist you with selling that property in record time.
With our inter-connectiveness with agencies Nationwide, the Possibility your Property stays on the market for longer than a week is very rare. We believe it is possible to absolutely redefine the South African Property Market, by bringing buyers, sellers and Agents together in a Cohesive way to make all parties happy in the Process.

How does listing my Property with Propsource work?

  1. The Propsourceteam will look through their database of Approved buyers and link them to you as Seller. This will in a few minutes to an hour, one effective links has been made a Propsource consultant will be in contact with you to get all the particulars of the Property.
  2. Propsource will also simultaneously correspond with all their registered agents on the Platform, post your requirements “Price, Property Description, Commission payable” to them and have them work together to sell your Property at a record Time. ONLY 5 Agents who says they have a Potential buyer for your property can contact you at the time
  3. All buyers on our database have been Pre-Approved and is ready to sign an Offer to Purchase.
  4. Sign the Deal
  5. Repeat!!!

Additional information to our core service

Our Propsource consultants are industry leaders in all fields of Real estate fromMarketing, Investment, Property Development, Refurbishments, Property management and Property Valuations. We will consult you for free on any and everything you as the owner can do to ensure you get the best price for the property you as selling.
We have linked and sold various properties through our Platform within minutes. We know it is possible to do the same for you.