The Landlord’s Tool

Tell us more about your Property and we will place a Tenant in less than a hour.


How it Works

Step 1

Submit your Property Requirements

Step 2

One of our Specialist Consultants will be in contact with you

Step 3

We will match your property description to one of our potential already approved Tenants.

Step 4

Sign the deal

What is the Propsource Landlord’s Tool?

With Propsource assisting 100’s of Buyers and Tenants with finding their Perfect Property fit, it only makes sense to offer Property owners the Opportunity to list their Property they wish to Lease with us and we will fill it in record time
With our inter-connectiveness with agencies Nationwide, the possibility your property stays vacant on the market is rare…

How does listing my Property with Propsource work?

  1. The Propsource team will look through their database of Approved tenants and link them to yourProperty. This will happen in a few minutes to an hour, once effective links has been made a Propsource consultant will be in contact with you to get all the particulars of the Property.
  2. We can manage the property on your behalf, or you can manage the Property yourself.
  3. Sign the lease
  4. Repeat!!!

What Propsource Property Management Offer you as our client

24/7 - Tenant assistance

With the Propsource App, all our tenants have direct access to our management team 24/7. They will have a ready response within minutes and you will be kept up to date on everything happening on your property.

Rental Administration and Debt collections

With our exceptional management packages, the Propsource team can guarantee your monthly rent every time, on time. When Tenants pay late, we still pay you your monthly rent due every month. We handle all Debt collections and Administrative issues on your behalf.

Property Maintenance

Our specialist construction team will provide you with the cheapest prices on the upkeep of your property. All you must do is approve the work quote to be done and we will get started right away.

Monthly reporting and Tenant risk analysis

We evaluate the well being of our tenants and analyse the risk they pose to non-payment, therefore we will keep you posted.

All this for only R800 p/m